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Pruning and tree injection maintenance

Through our many years in the tree care industry, B&W Landscaping has developed a highly effective pruning and pest control program that includes root & trunk injections to control insects & diseases. Tree injections can be very effective against certain types of pests. There are many advantages over soil and spray treatments. They can be applied in windy and rainy weather, targeting only the tree that it's intended for.

As people become more concerned about pesticides in their environment, this is becoming a far more environment friendly approach to pesticide/herbicide application for trees.

Tree Injection Application

We are certified applicators using Mauget products.



Pruning is done for a variety of reasons including safety, tree health and the general aesthetics of the tree. Pruning can be best used to encourage trees to develop structure and reduce damage from pest and weather. It is imperative for the overall health of the tree that during its life it receives proper maintenance. It is a delicate art in which there is no room for error. An untrained pruner can severely damage ornamental trees with one incorrect snip. We pride ourselves on perfection as we have become tree artists over the past 30 years, shaping and pruning trees that are huge and beautiful today. Let us train your tree to be the beauty that you always knew it could be.