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Natural Stone and Boulder Installation

Stones are forever. Customers in 2008 are leaning towards permanent landscapes, and nothing does it better than a big boulder or hundreds of them. They can be used for retaining walls or sitting stones or center pieces in a flower bed. Or, just alone in the shadow of an ornamental tree.

Riverbed gravel is another favorite of the homeowner. It's being used for mulch and can provide coverage in beds for 10 years or more. This is great for a person that doesn't enjoy mulching every year. It's easy to maintain, maintenance consists of removing debris and giving it a rinse. It consists of a wide variety of colors, from blues to grays, from shiny whites to greens. Riverbed gravel also comes in a variety of sizes, small (dime sized), medium (quarter sized) and large (golf ball sized). These can be alternated and mixed to suit your needs.

Boulder Wall