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B & W Landscaping chooses the best plants and has long standing accounts with premiere greenhouses. We have considerable knowledge about all the plant species in northern Ohio and can therefore choose the right plants for your yard. On the plant hardiness zone map, Northeastern Ohio is in both zone 4 & 5. So, choosing the right plants listed for your zone is imperative. Some plants, such as perennials, biennials and bulbs are only hardy in certain zones. Annuals - plants that only grow for one season - grow in any zone as long as they are given proper amounts of water and sunlight. This is our specialty. We can also let you know what's invasive and non-invasive, meaning, what can and will take over your garden or flower beds. We put a lot of thought into our designs and we are always sure to get the proper "facing" and "spacing", insuring the proper look and also room to grow. Planting in early spring - as soon as soil is workable & while it's still cool - is the best time. Also, we've had a pretty snowy winter this year. It would be best for your garden if you had a cleanup of the old, wet, matted down mulch now. The ground is thawing and a fresh coat of new mulch along with herbicide and shrub fertilizer will help prevent weeds and also feed your existing plants. If you don't lay herbicide now, by May, you will be pulling weeds. It also time to do the pruning of fall flowering shrubs and the removal of any dead wood on your ornamental trees. This is also the best time to divide your perennials and remove any existing leaves. The longer you wait, the more harm you do to your plants.

B & W Landscaping will help you choose plants that provide color in your garden throughout the year. We will construct or repair your beds and help you accent your landscape for any season. Flowers are not the only way to make your garden interesting all year long. The patterns of tree and shrub branches silhouetted against the snow in our cold winter climate, the shapes of dwarf evergreen, conifers, and the textures of bark can all heighten your visual enjoyment during the dormant season. Also, the foliage of conifers and evergreen ground cover, the bark of trees and shrubs, and the fruits and berries that remain on the shrubs after the leaves have fallen, can all add color and texture. Successful gardens combine a mix of all these elements.

B & W Landscaping won't leave you in the dark about what you're getting.

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