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Low Voltage - 12 volt - Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting - A transformation of what we see during the day to a dramatic, many times romantic, and even mysterious scene. It increases aesthetics of curb appeal of your property. Low voltage landscape lighting transformers are the safest, most cost effective way to accent your custom stone work. Different levels of light can create depth. For example, at a particular scene, such as a sitting area framed by small trees or bushes, with a back drop of larger trees, the highest level of light should be at the back of the scene on the trees. There, we would use front lighting techniques. At the front of the scene, use back lighting techniques. In the middle, use other accent lighting techniques. These lighting features create depth in landscape.

In new landscape construction, trenches can be easily excavated. This has been proven, time and again, that it is much easier to install before flower beds and stone work have been completed. However, our expert installers can make it seem like we were never there on older landcapes.


A foot-candle is the most common unit of light measurement used in professional landscape lighting design. The amount of light falling 1' X 1' square surface at a 1' from a standard 3/4" candle is referred to as a foot-candle.

Starlight - 1/100th of a foot-candle
Full Moon - 1/10th of a foot-candle
Full Sunlight - 5000 foot-candles


12 volt lighting provides nearly as many foot candles as 120 volt systems. 12 Volt systems cost less to operate than 120 volt systems. They do not require a conduit. Here is a simple formula to show you the cost per night:

(Watts on system x Hours per night) x KWH rate / 1000


The maximum voltage that a individual can be subjected to should not exceed 15 volts. This is based upon the theory that the potential of 15 volts or less will rarely, if ever, cause a breakdown in skin resistance sufficient to permit a current flow through the body of such intensity as to cause a lack of muscular control, or physical injury to the person. In layman's terms, you cannot be electrocuted in a manner that would harm you or your pets. Water and 12 volt electrical connections prove to be much safer than 120 volts.

Lamps and Fixtures

The wide variety of lamps and fixtures available in 12 volts allows the amount, intensity, and pattern of light to be controlled as desired. 12 Volt lamps are smaller allowing fixtures also to be smaller and less obtrusive.

Quality of Light

12 Volt is by design produced from a pinpoint light source, recreating the effect of the sun or moon. 12 volt color balance is truer to the color of sunlight than most 120 volt lamps. 12 volt does not produce an orange cast like sodium or a greenish/blue cast like mercury vapor lamps. 12 volt light is clean and clear like light through mountain air, and focused like the light of the sun.

Pinpoint Light Source

Because of the lower voltage involved, a 12 volt lamp filament can be wound much more closely together than a 120 volt filament. This creates a small point form which light is produced. The result is a pinpoint light source characterized by focused sharp shadow lines when mounted inside a clear bulb. The small filament allows small bulb size; the process of evacuating oxygen from the bulb and filling it with an inert gas to avoid oxidation is more successful in small bulbs, producing lamps with a longer rated life.


B&W Landscaping low voltage lighting installers are certified and can help determine what fixtures to buy and purchase them from our dealer. Don't waste your money on lower quality depot lighting to only be let down when you need it the most. Our expert installers will arrange the lights in a manner that both illuminates and highlights your yards features.

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